Bio-Organic Fertilizer 11-11-11 (Copy)




Product details of 3 in 1 Bio-Organic Fertilizer 11-11-11

Special 3 in 1 technology by RealStrong incorporates Fertiliser, Effective Microgranisms and Organic material altogether to help speed up and increase plant growth in a healthy and safe way.

Organic material

Fertilizer also contains also Cocoa, Coffee, Rice bran, Palm bunch ash, Palm decanter cake
and Volcanic ash (zeolite).

Effective Microoganisms (EM)

Good microoganisms is sprayed to improve soil ecosystem and improve plant immunity.
Theyalso breakdown organic material so that they can be absorbed by plant roots

Chemical Fertilizer

Higher levels of P and K help to induce flowering and support flowering growth while higher levels of  N and K help to provide sufficient nutrients needed for  fruit setting and for larger fruits.


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2kg, 4kg


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Once a week, grab a handful and put only on the side of the pot and water

The 3 -in-1 mix of good microorganisms, organic material and NPK helps increase the soil pH, improve soil fertility and help plants to be more resistant to pest and diseases.

65% organic matters, 30% chemical and 5% zeolite