winsor nature park

Windsor Nature Park

Prepare to be mesmerized by the ambience and tranquility offered at Windsor Nature Park, a green buffer located at the Upper Thomson area off Venus Drive.

Visitors are usually excited to explore the new trails in the park, as they were specially curated to insight wonders and awe. The Hanguana Trail, for example, is lined with rare native plants that will fascinate nature lovers and researchers. Another amazing trail in the park is the Drongo Trail that features a unique sub-canopy walk where visitors can get a clear picture of the plants and animal species that live under the canopy level.

Adventure lovers are definitely going to be thrilled as they explore other highlights of this amazing park like the new boardwalks, restored trails, freshwater streams, and marsh habitats. To educate visitors and help them become conversant with Singapore’s natural heritage, this park has a center at the visitor’s pavilion, where anyone can learn about the plants and animals in the park.