machrichite resvoir park


MacRitchie Reservoir Park

The MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a beautiful and serene space that is home to a lot of exotic plants that nature lovers will find fascinating. Because the park is endowed with breathtaking landscape, it is a great place for adventure seekers and hikers. Visitors can also choose to go canoeing, kayaking, and engage in other fun recreational activities while at the park.

This 12-hectare green paradise rubs shoulders with the first reservoir and central catchment nature reserve in Singapore; this makes it a bustling hot spot for tourists, outdoor lovers, and fitness gurus. Because the MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a gateway to one of the most biologically diverse forests and waters in Singapore, it is often visited by schools, associations, and organizations. Because it is such a unique, tranquil, and beautiful space, it is regularly visited by Singaporean for important ceremonies and special presentations.

Prepare to be dazzled as you stroll along the water’s edge of this illustrious park in the morning or evening.  Discover the inhabitant of the forest in this resort as you explore different trails. Enjoy relaxing time paddling through the waters in this iconic park.

Spice your experience at the park by hiking the TreeTop Walk.

This breathtaking space is equipped with modern drinking and showering facilities, lockers, and it is a great place to buy food. This makes it a great venue for events of different kinds.

Thanks to the Beautiful and clean program introduced by the Public utility board, the landscape looks stunning and serene. One of the main features in the park is a 100-meter swale and 40-meter submerged boardwalk. The role of these features is to filter out pollutants from the runoffs. This helps to improve the water quality of the reservoir. To help increase the biodiversity of the park and wow visitors strolling along the edge of the reservoir, these features were furnished with varied plant species.

The park also has a 300 car capacity parking lot, with an upper deck that collects rain which is channeled into a bio swale.

Because MacRitchie Park is a water catchment area, no agricultural activities are done in the area. Also, the forest surrounding the park is protected. Aside from the MacRitchie Reservoir, 3 other reservoirs in Singapore are also natural reserves. They include the Upper Peirce Reservoir, the Lower Peirce Reservoir, and the Upper Seletar Reservoir.