Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

This is a lovely garden dedicated to kids of different ages. The park was created to help kids learn more about the ecology of plant species in our environment. No wonder it was themed- “Life on Earth Depends on Plant”. The garden was strategically designed to help instill the love of nature in kids through experimental learning and discovery.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden has dedicated sections like a farm, streams and a pond, a forest, and an orchard where kids can explore and play. Kids have an opportunity to learn at their own pace as they explore each section of the park.

This garden has fun-packed areas like a suspension bridge that will spur kids to embrace their adventurous side. Kids are usually excited to climb the tree houses and walk long the blissful stream in the park.

Talking about learning, kids will have an opportunity to observe how plants grow and glean some gardening tips as they explore this park. Whether your kids are keen about gardening, nature, or adventure, there is a lot for them to see and do at this amazing park.