fort canning park


Fort Canning Park


Fort Canning Park is a curiosity arousing landmark that has witnessed some pivotal moments in Singapore’s history.

This spectacular hill was once the headquarters of the British Army Barracks and the Far East Command Centre. In an underground command center known as the Battle Box, which was situated on this hill, Singapore surrendered to the Japanese. This iconic park also sited some palaces in the 14th century.

Presently, nine historical gardens are situated in this park- they include the Spice Garden, the Farquhar Garden, Raffles Garden, Pancur Larangan, first Botanic Garden, Armenian Street Park, jubilee park (phase 1), Slang Nila Utama Garden, and Artisan’s Garden.

Besides these colorful and flamboyant gardens, this park also features trail guides that allow visitors to explore at their own pace. The park has an app that visitors can download to plan their own trail. The app is endowed with features that can spice the experience of visitors as they journey through the wonders of Fort Canning Park.

With the help of the app, visitors can go on an eye-opening journey through a 2.5 km trail that takes visitors through 8 checkpoints situated at different parts of the park.

To get to this park, visitors have to use the escalators from Bras Basah MRT and Fort Canning MRT to get access to the top of Fort Canning Park.

The enchanting lawns and blissful atmosphere of this park make it an ideal venue for theatre production, festivals, and special acts like the Ballet Under the Stars and Shakespeare.

Weeding and parties are a regular sight in this park, as it is spacious, serene, and beautiful.

Because of the rich history of Fort Canning Park, it is frequently visited by history buffs and adventure seekers. Whether you are into adventure or history, there are a lot of fun and exciting activities for you to do during your visit.