East Coast Park

Prepare to be wowed by the plethora of fun and exciting activities offered at the East Coast Park in Singapore. Whether you are looking to engage in pleasurable recreational and sporting activities or explore different mouthwatering cuisines, there is a lot for you to do and eat at this illustrious park.

The luxuriant coconut palms, ketapangs, and Casuarinas in the park make visitors feel like they are in the Caribbean. The ambiance and tranquility of the park make it a perfect space for picnics. For those looking to get their blood pumping, there are a lot of fun sporting activities like cycling, water sports, and beach volleyball.

There is also an Xtreanm Skate park for anyone who wants to go all out and show off their skill. The modern restrooms scattered around the park are fitted with showers that anyone who wants to wash up can use.

Evenings at this park are a foodie’s paradise. You can choose to feast on everything from perfectly prepared barbecues to tasty cuisine at the restaurants and hawker centers in the park.

This 185 hectares park has a long coastline that measures 15km. The park presently boasts of more than seven million visitors each year.

Cyclist Park                                                                               

The East Coast Park has a dedicated cyclist space that measures 5.4 hectares. In this area, Cyclists have the freedom to choose between the advanced and learner routes, which allows greenhorn cyclist to hone their skills and become proficient.

The play garden in the park is a great place for kids to connect with nature. Kids can hone their jumping and balancing skills as they jump over the logs and boulders present in the part.