dairy farm park


Dairy Farm Nature Park

Situated in a rustic environment, this 75-hectare park offers visitors a plethora of fun and exciting recreational activities like hiking and biking. It also features a curiosity arousing quarry and a nature trail. The main highlight of the park is the Wallace Educational Center, which is the first field study hub for schools in Singapore.

Years back, this beautiful park was a dairy farm. Right now, it houses the Wallace Environmental Learning Lab (WELL) and an impressive interpretative center, where visitors can glean valuable information on the ever-changing landscape of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve as well as the Dairy Farm through awe-inspiring exhibits. Since the Dairy Farm Nature Park is no longer a functioning Dairy Farm, there are no real cows in it.

WELL, the environmental learning lab in the park, which was established by Raffles Girls Secondary School and NParks, is a well-rounded program, where students learn about Singapore’s natural heritage through fun and exciting activities like exploring the nature trails in the farm and conducting extensive research on rocks, water, and soil. With the materials developed by the Raffles Girls Secondary School, teachers will be able to run extensive educational programs with relative ease.

The quarry that is situated at the South Western End of the park has been transformed into a wetland habitat. This center has a viewing platform that helps visitors get a clear picture of some of Singapore’s freshwater plant and animal species. Nature lovers and researches will be amazed to see the various plant and animal species that inhabit this park.

The iconic Wallace Education Center, as well as the Wallace Trail, is named after Alfred Wallace, an associate of Charles Darwin, the man behind the Darwinian theory of evolution. During his journey to Malay Archipelago, Wallace stopped briefly at Singapore to collect many species of beetles in the area this iconic park is located.