coney island

Coney Island

Coney Island Park is a sanctuary for myriads of plant and animal species, some of which are on the verge of extinction. In fact, some of the plants' species at the park are presumed extinct in the wild. Besides being home to numerous flora and fauna species, this illustrious park also houses habitats like casuarina woodlands, coastal forests, grasslands, and mangrove.

Visitors usually have an exciting time spotting any of the 80 species of birds on the island. Seeing the male Baya Weavers making its nets from flowers from the Acacia trees or hearing birds sing from the forest will leave you amazed.

Because of the serene atmosphere of the park, it is inhabited by numerous species of birds. This thus makes the park a great location for bird lovers. The intricate setting and biodiversity of the island make it a go-to location for nature lovers.

This rustic island is currently being protected by several environmental initiatives, as it is an ecologically stable park. The focus of most of the initiatives protecting the island is on recycling natural products from the park and conserving water and energy. The timbers collected from the park are recycled into seats, signage, and benches, just to mention a few.

Have a fun time exploring the mangrove and forest habitats on the boardwalk or pedal through the 2.5 km island. Enjoy exploring the sunny beach which visitors can access at five locations.