Bukit batok nature park


Bukit Batok Nature Park


Take a break from your busy schedule and explore Bukit Batok Nature Park, a serene and beautiful park that offers breathtaking views of crystal clear waters, stunning vegetation, and fascinating landscapes.

In 1988, this park was a quarry site. Right now, it is a peaceful and relaxing space to go on a walk and explore nature.

Become inspired by the mysteries of nature as you meander through the secondary forest filled with beautiful greens and animals.

Want to get your blood pumping? Then go for a run on the park unique terrain. Alternatively, you can hike through the forest and enjoy the blissful atmosphere and ambiance of the area.

Visitors have a chance to get a stunning view of the quarry by climbing the lookout points, which is about 10 storeys high.

Prepare to be marveled by the pond at the foot of the cliff wall, which was constructed back in the mining days.

Pay your tribute to the victims of World War II at the memorial plaque in the park. Japanese soldiers choose this site as a memorial for the soldiers who lost their lives in world war II. What’s remaining in the memorial right now are two pillars and about a hundred plus steps that lead to the transmission tower.

Learn about the significance of the location as you read the words on the memorial plaque that is on the foot stair.