Admiralty park

Admiralty Park

This is an impressive urban park located in Woodlands. It is presently one of the largest parks in the North.

Because it has a unique terrain, a river (Sungai Cina River) running through it, and a dedicated nature area, it is a hotspot for tourists and locals.

This amazing park has a 7-ha urban land area that is fitted with 26 slides- thus making it the park with the highest number of slides in Singapore.

The Park also has 3 play areas -Family terracing Play, Adventure, and Junior Play- fitted with top-notch play equipment that encourages group interaction.

Thanks to the undulating terrain of the park, the play areas have a unique look that will thrill kids of all ages.

As part of the initiative announced by NParks, Admiralty Park has an inclusive playground that is fitted with special hardware and structure that can support play and interaction between kids with or without special needs.

As previously mentioned, this park also features a 20-ha nature area that is a mix of open grassland habitats, secondary forests, Riverline, and mangrove and is home to about 100 species of plant and animals.  Multiple trails cut across this 20-ha jungle that gives visitors a chance to discover the plant and animal species that reside in the forest.

As you step out of the secondary forest, you will come across hordes of butterflies and birds as you walk through the grassland. The walking trail also showcases some amazing plant species like Puta kampong and some of the rarest plants in Singapore.


27 hectares in size

31 Riverside Road, Singapore 730000

How To Get There:

Admiralty Park is about a 10-15 minutes walk away from woodlands mrt station.

Alternatively, visitors can take bus service 169 or 903 from Woodlands Bus Interchange to the South Entrance of the park near Republic Polytechnic and walk over.

Lighting Hours: 7pm to 7am.

Accessibility Info: Wheelchair-friendly

Specific Do's & Don'ts:

1. Fishing is not allowed in the park
2. No feeding of monkeys

No smoking is allowed ( Smoke free park)

For children:

Admiralty Park Playground is an amazing playground for kids of all pages, with nets to climb and 26 different slides and a flying fox.

Admiralty Park's design was a result of the 4,000 suggestions that the National Parks Board received from the public

Source: Strait Times